About Us

About Gary.

Gary is a comedian from Glasgow and a Scottish Comedian of the Year Winner, who has been on the comedy circuit since 2014.  He is known internationally for his viral social media video rants including “Eyebrows”, “Hair Extensions” and other topics which have had over 150 million views.

For more information please visit the main website at www.garymeikle.com/

Who is Promotional Warehouse?

This store is owned and operated under license by Promotional Warehouse.

Promotional Warehouse is a vertical service provider who specialise in the sales and promotion of licensed merchandising.

We have supplied our range of services to some of the World’s biggest brands, however, our main market place is working with SME’s who require more than products with a logo on it.

We are creative, conscientious and have an in-depth knowledge of the global marketplace.

Our management and staff have a clear focus on ethical matters and we continually review our working practices.

We act responsibly when dealing with our client’s intellectual property and encourage Fairtrade where practicable.

Promotional Warehouse
The Warehouse
160 Wishart Street,
G31 2HT

Phone: 0141 648 9500